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Do you think Trump is going to be president because the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie? I do. All those disaffected millennials would have voted on Tuesday if Bernie was the candidate.

Maybe...but given how Obama's administration, Hillary's campaign strategy and office administration, and the DNCs position has been like (all of which could have been available to the public but our reporters just so happen to fail to pick them up), I would have to say alot of them would prefer a third, POPULAR (and the word must be popular) party. Millenials may be ignorant to real world affairs but they are not stupid; they know that unless it's popular, a new party will not get votes and will not amount to anything.

If only our leaders didn't regard us like mindless sheep.

Let's be clear, the GOP and republican position are not great for the country at this moment either.

From an independent's perspective: If only trump hasn't made a point to alienate so many groups of people and professions, he would have had more picks of people for his office and administration.

But his pick for VP, and then personnel for his administration now, really scared alot of people here in California. So some of us are really confused what his position really is.

Conclusion: What we the American people want is competent people, regardless of politics, to run if not assist the country efficiently for the good of the republic and nation, and put the bad apples in check (if not fire permanently) which we overwhelmingly do not have from either party. We need someone to at least maintain order and safety, fix the problems we do have now, and then think of innovative ways to further LUXURIES livelihoods later.

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