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congratulations lisa, my turn next!
i hope my son makes it - i find life without him around somewhat empty and a little disturbing - always thinking about him when i know he's not really thinking that much about me.:)

your words are very touching.

i remember you very pregnant in the dressing room and you were saying you were really ready to have the baby - maybe at Alonzo's on Oak street - somewhere in the City, the old SF that is no more. then pretty soon i was very pregnant too.

it is interesting to me that in my activist/organizing work i met a woman who was pregnant on the streets...unfortunately witnesses a SFPD murder (right by ODC on shotwell) and we had to sequester her ... she had a baby boy and named him Jaxson! i thought of you...she is now at epiphany center - a rehab program for moms and we are hoping for what is called "reunification" well...turns out epiphany center is the former St. Elizabeth's...and i was born there! but that is another story. lovely to see you...and truly, you are not ugly but lovely.

with warmth, ~pearl ubungen

Pearl, I commented earlier but it didn't work. :(

That's a horrifying story. I'm hoping she can be reunited with her child. Can you imagine being separated?

And yeah, I remember being hugely pregnant at Lines on Oak Street, and remember your pregnancy too. How old is your son, and what's his name? I'm assuming he'll graduate next year. Wow. Time... it's crazy, but love, it's always. L.

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