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Oh, fuck, I love this. IRL, he really can't beat up a girl. And not just because you're strong.

Oh, frustration. We deal with you daily.

Well, having been smacked around by a guy before (and it wasn't pretty) I realize that my size and gender sometimes don't matter much. While there would've been some comfort in the presence of other guys, hopefully more chivalrous than Purple-Face-douchebag-surfer, I would've taken this more seriously than you, my tough and unflappable sister. Truth be told, I would've sat there for quite some time figuring out how quickly I could get to a crowbar to break his knees after he took a swipe at me.

Not being a surfer it is fascinating to me that something so representative of mellow fun, so riding the groove wave to chill, should be also so territorial and agro. Shoiks!

"That out of control anger one encounters all too often in the line up" ... Like, no Way Mam!

What's the guy/gal ratio out there? Chemical high, that's what you've got going out there. Yahoo juice.

Your organs didn't shrivel being physically & verbally accosted like that? Is that Survivor stuff... Like emotional armory?

Plus, how could you not know if you dropped in and kicked your board? Was it after a bunch of sets? Curious minds want to Know.

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