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This is a hilarious list. I love it! I lived in SF for six years (in every conceivable neighborhood, too: I moved from outer Sunset to inner Sunset to Cole Valley to Mission to Japantown in those six years).

here's another set of reasons to hate SF:

1. talk like liberals, live like republicans.
2. driving their range rover to yoga class is 'spiritual'
3. ugly undercurrent of racism and segregation in a city that pats itself on the back for its progressive attitude
4. ugly neglect of homeless
5. lack of effective public transportation renders city more of a car culture than it wants to admit
6. absurd self delusion that SF is the best city in the world or comparable to world class cities like NYC or London when it's more like Dever.
7. People's irritatingly paranoid demeanor towards strangers.
8. hipper than thou attitude with no substance (how many bands come from SF? that make it big)
9. way overpriced rents and BART is out of control and inefficient.
10. Boring
11. It's 50 degrees and foggy all the time, and rains too much
12. annoying milking of the 60's legacy
13. boring half empty downtown
14. cokehead, fluffy playboy mayor

i could go on and on....

that said, golden gate park is gorgeous and somewhat redeems the place. and it looks nice. decent place to visit for a few days but i'll be damned if i wanna live there....

I am from Orange County and I was in SF visiting a friend. We were at dinner with her friend, who is blonde and pretty, and I happened to mention that she looked more like she should be from Orange County that SF. Empirically, this was true, but you would have thought I had puked in her lap or pulled spiders out of my ears and dangled them in front of her. Get over yourself, honey. It's like people in SF think it is their job to hate SoCal, even though most of them have only been here twice at most. This attitude smacks of paranoia and reveals that SF's beauty is only skin-deep (like my friend's friend). If you want to experience San Francisco, I suggest visiting Portland, home to much of SF's former middle class and much, much nicer people. Beautiful city, too!

i used to post here:
But since that site is closed now, i'll keep the bay area-hating going here. Thanks, empress.

i go to a big name school here. i also went to a big name school on the east
coast. recently, i was in a meeting with a bunch of other students who waxed
poetic about how prestigious my current school is. this is just another example
of the bayarrhea epidemic. back at my old school, if you walked around talking
about how great it was, you'd get your ass whupped.

and, i agree with the people who say that a new yorker would not bother to spend as much effort defending new york as some of the 'friscans here do. if we met someone who said, "i hate new york," us new yorkers would say "hello, the shirt?" and walk away munching on a bagel and drinking
coffee from a greek cup. in contrast, someone from the bay area would probably
throw a smoothy in your face. get off your frozen yogurt high-chairs, people!

Those self-satisfied Stanford types defending their status as you know, just sort of slightly above average, make me DT for a little irony. But when I was back in NY in October I had a horrible time finding a cup of coffee medium and a real coffee shop (as opposed to H&H) bagel. It was all Starbuck's and very large circles of white bread. It was very bad. There are those coffee carts, but the Greek places seem to be disappearing.

I googled "I hate San Francisco" and came up with 2550 pages.

I love a few really great things about the area: the hills, the weather, and the outdoors - Lake Tahoe, mountain biking (I guess most of those aren't in San Francisco).

I also loved the city when I first moved here (because I was still a tourist), but it got worse over time, not better. I have lived in San Francisco for two years now, and I hate it more than I ever did. Don’t get me wrong - I love the city and the bay area, but the people really suck here. I have never met so many cold, distant, unfriendly, rude, selfish, insular, stuck up people in one place! The east bay is a little better, but not much.

I have never felt more strongly about something in my life. San Francisco is extremely clicky. It could take 2 years to get on the inside of a click because people are so distant and self preserving and guarded. Everyone has their forcefield up and it is designed to keep you out, along with everyone else they don’t know. My advice would be not to bother. Just cut your losses and leave now before you get bitter about the people here.

Oh..and many people here are from bigger unfriendlier places, and thats why they like it. The rest of us have been here less than 2 years and will leave soon.

By the way, in case you didn’t already know - San Francisco is a more expensive place to live than New York City. The highest cost of living in the country.

I love the definition of California - I think it could be substitute for San-Franciscoed.

I am glad to hear I am not the only one. Most people here seem to love it. What I finally realized is that most people in San Francisco at any given time (2 out of 3 people) don't even live here. That is why some of them love it so much (they are just visiting). Most people live 30 to 100 miles away, because that is where the living is cheaper and San Francisco has the only interesting things to do within 100 miles.

The public transit is one of the worst for similar sized cities. That is because MUNI is not a separate agency, but is part of the city government. Decisions to fix whats wrong with MUNI are tied up in so much red tape and political BS that nothing good will ever come out of it.

The other thing I hate about living with so many people that are different than the rest of the country is that it is difficult to find anyone you have anything in common with. But if you do, that doesn't matter. For instance most people are vegetarian here. In any other city, that would be common ground that brings people together. But not in San Francisco - people don't really care because it is so common and trite here.

Here are some links you may like:



I grew up in the North Bay. After graduating from college many of my child hood friends and I moved to SF. Within two years I have lost 80% of them at times when I have needed them the most. At least LA is blatantly superficial and cutthroat. In SF, nothing can be taken at face value. Latent status-town USA.

I agree with the last guy, San Francisco people are basically unfriendly and when I get the chance to leave here I will. I don't know why anyone thinks this is such a great place. Second rate at best.

I'm so glad to find a group of people who feel like I do. I was so excited about SFBA when I moved here two years ago but after being continuously disappointed by flaky people, smug superior attitudes, the god damn cold weather year around, and liberal racism -- I have to say, can't wait to get back to my southern roots.

This is by far the most overrated city I've ever lived in.

This was very funny. San Francisco definitely does have some of the most condescending and ignorant people I've met and lived amongst. But I love anywhere that is a majority Asian - SF is estimated to be at least 55% Asian as the reported data is flawed. The creepy attitude typically comes from the white population. I learned to shut them out growing up so they never interfered with my love for San Francisco, its food, entertainment and art(or what's left of it)

Why are all of these people so down on San Francisco. I'm from the east coast and have never been to San Francisco, so I wouldn't know one way or the other. However, it would be "really nice" if they would stop comparing it to New York City as if New York was all that and a bag of chips and the dip.
Saying things like San Francisco is in the minor leagues compared to the big
apple. Then someone else said "San Francisco is not even in the same league as New York." Damn it New York
is not all that like soooo
many people seem to think that it is. San Francisco is San Francisco not New York O.K. Give San Francisco a Break for God sake.

Why do I live here? I don't really know anymore. I am inclined to agree with the sentiment that San Francisco sucks. I am growing tired of the decline in culture, work ethnic, and community-building. I lived in the east bay and worked in San Francisco five years ago...moving back to the bay and living in SF has brought a lot of disappointment and nostalgia for the way things were. It is apparent that the dot com bust and the recent bio-tech boom (in addition to changing politics and the present economy) is successfully squeezing out all the people of color, activists, artists, musicians and diverse middle class families. San Francisco is becoming a shell of what its and what it can be-- Now, San Francisco reminds me more of LA than it does of a progressive and ever-creative city that claims is the leader of solutions to America's social, political, and environmental problems.

The people are awful here. We moved here from Austin for work and can't wait to leave less than 10 months later. Aside from the obvious, traffic, high cost of living, lousy child-care and schools, what really drives us crazy are the miserable people. I can't get used to the fact that strangers will not make eye contact or even acknowledge one-another's presence, using even the most civil of informal greetings. I've lived in big cities, e.g. Chicago, but I've never experienced the complete disregard for civility and humanity that I encounter on an hourly basis here. The "me-first" and "me-only" attitude that is evident from getting cut off and glared at while commuting to the rudeness of clerks and waiters really is taking a toll on us. I'm tired of getting jostled on the train, rammed in the grocery store, or even bumped into at the playground without an acknowledgment that I even exist. Meeting people has never been an issue for me or my wife until we moved here. The denizens of this area are the most insular, close-minded people ever. Forget about small talk, you will only get glares or people literally running away from you.

I concur! I have lived all over the U.S. and have found the SF area to be repressive instead of progressive. People are so concerned with being PC that they forget to think about simple things like being considerate and kind to others. If you don't "toe the line", you are greeted with hard stares or incredulous laughs (if you are lucky). There is no tolerance for having a different viewpoint or background. Having moved here about a year ago, I have found the best way to fit in is to keep to myself and not to talk to strangers unless absolutely necessary. If I do make the mistake of trying to talk with someone I don't know, it takes a few days to get over the "cold shoulder" that I invariably get just from an attempt to say hello to someone standing a few feet away from me. Pretty open minded way to live, isn't it?

SF is by far the most overrated city in America. It's nice from far away and for a short visit, but when the facade crumbles and the reality sinks in, you see a hypocritical, delusional, parochial town with rude, superficial residents and terrible, annoying weather. There's also the legions of disgusting homeless people, filthy streets, horrible public transportation, a skyrocketing crime rate, and the sad draining of diversity. SF for some reason likes to ignore its ugly problems but is quick to point out those in others to make itself feel better, which says more about itself than it does about any place else. For all their faults, LA and NY at least have real dynamism, diversity, culture, and entertainment for everyone. Get past the stereotypes and do some of your own research people. As much as it wants to, SF can never compare and will never be as great.

Saints be praised, I'm not alone! I moved here from the Midwest (you know, that "backward" place that people here have never been to but insult nonetheless). I've been here 18 months and become more disillusioned by the day. It is overrated, and I can't believe I pay so much to live in a place with such abysmal infrastructure and transit, aloof and smug "neighbors," overflowing trash bins, filthy streets, an insane school lottery system that has parents driving all over town in the name of "diversity," when it's the least diverse place I've ever lived, racially and economically. I moved for a job, but thankfully kept my affordable, gorgeous, huge condo in Chicago (with parking, near the beach). I miss economic diversity so much, where a Jr. High music teacher and two dog walkers (my neighbors) can afford to buy the same condo highly educated professionals can. I am working on a strategy for moving back. Cannot wait.

I am so sick of dealing with customers from San Fran that I am ready to just throw them all out the window. So rude and always thinking their #1. I like to treat people right but these people are just to much to handle. I work in hospitality in Montana and I cringe when I have to deal with people from this city.

I have to agree with the negative sentiments about SF. I was born and raised in Long Beach, CA which has allowed me to grow up around diversity in race and income. I've been traveling to SF every month since November 2007 becuase my boyfriend is from there. My first trip I fell in love with SF, though it was rainning and gloomy which equaled a bad hair day and I excused the horrible parking situation even though i had to walk around in bad weather in freaking stilettos. I adjusted my wardrobe for my trips and started carrying my umbrella on every trip but i've noticed now that I don't feel the same way about SF anymore.

I hate SF!- my reasons

- I hate the weather.

- People can't drive to save there lives.

- The NO LEFT TURN street signs!!

- There is a serious lack of stuff to do (though i love the art galleries)

- The rent is waaaaaay to high

- The parking sucks

- BART is way overpriced

- You have to pay a toll on the Bay Bridge to cross back into the city. As overpriced as it already is.

- The people are just like the weather cold and gloomy.

- It's seriously lacking in diversity. (I didn't see more than 30 black people at once until i went to a play at the Hansberry theatre. ~i'm black)

- the hypocritical liberalism (i get a republican vibe from sf) and underlying racism (how is it that someone with a 765 credit score and $55,000 income can't qualify for a place under $1200 within 2 months!?!?)

I'm supposed to be moving there in August, but I really am having serious doubts. SF honestly has nothing to offer, especially in comparisson to LA/ Long Beach. The only reason I will move is because of my boyfriend.

Say a prayer. lol

It's no mystery why so many jump off the golden gate bridge.

Lived in SF for four years. While living there, I had never been more unhappy.

The up side is that I really appreciate where I am now. Frankly, anywhere would be better than SF.

I take back some of what I said, I no longer cringe when I see people are from San Francisco. I met a few that have made up for the ones that were not so nice...


I love you people!

::: hugtackle :::

I lost my dear ex to Berkeley and she met and married some jobber from East Bay.

Everything about San Fran reeks of Liberal Racism and bullshit Political Correctness! GAH!!!

Is it bad to wish for a 7.5 Richter-Intesity with the Bay as the Epicenter for free urban renewal?!


I love you people!

::: hugtackle :::

I lost my dear ex to Berkeley and she met and married some jobber from East Bay.

Everything about San Fran reeks of Liberal Racism and bullshit Political Correctness! GAH!!!

Is it bad to wish for a 7.5 Richter-Intesity with the Bay as the Epicenter for free urban renewal?!

i grew up here, and 95% of the people i meet are from somewhere else, so, all those terrible people must be all of you guys!!

I agree with most of what's being said here. I used to live in SF thought it was okay. Coming from the East Coast (Boston, New York), I thought SF paled in comparison, was greyer and uglier than those other more beautiful East Coast cities, and was bewildered by the extent to which San Franciscans had this huge attitude/ego thing for no reason. Upon returning to the city after living elsewhere, I was shocked. I look out onto a crowded street scene and see nothing but miserable people who appear very selfish and smug! How did SF get this way, and why? It's so different from European cities, where it's simply a pleasure to be out on a weekend night and enjoying the company of other people, enjoying the night. In SF, people ignore each other, like there's some sort of unspoken contest of I'm-better-than-you. Why? It's immature and ridiculous!

addendum: if all of you hate San Francisco so much as a place to live (okay as a place to visit), where do you prefer living in the Bay Area? I feel out of it not living in a major city (currently on the Peninsula), without exposure to great architecture, history, music, culture, diverse people, life. What's a good compromise in the area, where people are more socially aware and civil toward each other, no smug/superior attitudes?

I've been in the Bay Area for almost 10 years and grew up in NC. I live in the East Bay and really can't stand SF for the fact that its overcrowded. The East Bay and the rest of the BA is just about as bad.

What I've concluded is that people hate the area because it is so expensive. People work hard in life to succeed. You work in order to follow a traditional plan: get married or find a partner, buy a house, have kids, etc etc. Since everything here costs 4 and 5 times more than what it does almost everywhere else, most people realize early on that either they can't afford the lifestyle they want or they are going to have to make a tremendous financial sacrifice to do so. This doesn't sit well with people, and especially not with those who make decent salaries and STILL can't afford it.This puts people in a generally foul, bitter mood- myself included.

Me and my Wife make well over a combined 6 figure income. We could afford, but all I can do is think about the fact that a nice home back in NC is 150-200k versus 700-800k here. It struck me that if we were to simply rent and save for a few years, we could move back to NC and buy a house. We would probably appreciate it more after living here and seeing how precious houses are to people.

I don't hate the area itself. But as people have pointed out, the attitude of those who lives here sucks, and that sea of unhappy humanity comes from their frustration. I look forward to living where regular people can live civilized, decent lives without killing themselves to do it.

Wow, I'm so shocked by how varied people's experiences can be. I always get such a bright, cheerful vibe from the city (I actually live in Emeryville), and I don't see how people perceive it as grey and gloomy compared to NYC. SF is so much more colorful -- the natural beauty alone, with the bay and Angel Island, those date palms all along the waterfront with their bright orange flowers, union square, chinatown, the pastel victorians, the flowers everywhere all year long -- it's the most colorful city I've ever seen.

I also found it to be incredibly easy to meet people. We lived in San Diego for 8 years and it took 5 years to really meet a group of people. We saw lots of people leave town because it was hard to break into a circle. In SF, people totally welcomed us in and within weeks, we were hanging out with tons of people. So I think it depends on where you go, whom you seek out, what you're looking for. I guess it's either a fit or it's not. There are miserable people in every city, and those who adore their cities. I guess SF works really well for me.

And I've never been bored in SF. There are new things to do all the time, especially if you're proactive.

As a Bay Area who HATES SF, here are some more:
1. The stupid fuckers from Omaha etal. who think they frikkin OWN the city. Come on you dumb fucks! GO HOME!

2. The stupid fuckers who move from shitty places (like Omaha) who think they can date you then leave with no word and slip into the anonymity of the "big city"..UM I have news for you douchebags- you DO see those people you screw over again! It is NOT a bg place!!!

3. The disgusting vagrant crackhead violent types (in other wonderful cities such as Chicago at least they don't HARASS you!)

4. The people who think they are SO awesome. Seriously the attitude of some people in SF is pathetic. And strangely enough-it seems to primarily come from those people who migrated here.. NOT the local natives. Hmmmm.

5. Did I mention you folks from out of state should GO HOME???

6. Alterna-losers who think they can be a fuckin freak just because they moved to SF

7. Frigid ass weather

8. FREAKS! FREAKS! and more freaks!

9. Dirty streets ( as a kid growing up here it was WAY cleaner- now it is unlivable)

So, I've lived in the following places in the U.S.: Chicago, D.C., Portland, Austin as an adult. I liked all of those places better than SF. Don't get me wrong, each city had it's drawbacks, but I never even noticed people being unfriendly until I moved here. I do finally have some great friends in the Bay Area (one year later) so if you are new here, don't give up! But, I'll still contend that the overall culture is negative and unnaturally cold (and I'm not talkin about the weather!). I had a run-in today at the SF Zoo. A middle aged man with two kids yelled at me because I was taking too long to get out of my parking space (I also had two kids and lots of gear to load up). When I asked him what he was getting upset about, he told me I better hurry it up and that he felt sorry for me that I couldn't be more organized. I told him I was sorry for his wife! That's probably the meanest thing I've ever said to a stranger, but I am kind of tired of getting pushed around by the rude people I often encounter here. I don't remember ever having similar situations come up in other cities. Of course, there are mean people everywhere, it's just that here, it seems to be okay for people to be rude to each other, especially strangers. Most normal people are just mean to their friends and families in private. :-)

The Bay Area as a whole is very insular and provincial, not to mention boring, especially if you come from larger urban areas like me. It just seems so washed out to me. But if I HAD to choose a place to live, it would be the East Bay. It's not perfect by any means but it does have a clearer perspective about SF's faults and it knows where it stands more or less. It also doesn't suffer as much from SF's nasty weather such as the depressing, unrelenting windy fog. People need the sun thanks, and isn't this supposed to be California still? I think it's more like Southern Oregon at times to be honest. San Francisco in particular just houses a sea of idiotic, ugly liars that for some ridiculous reason think they live in the best place on earth. (Maybe it's the drugs?) Most somehow seem to ignore what others have already touched upon before me and I'll repeat because they're true- that the city is insanely dirty, crime is out of control, the public transportation system, police dept, city government, and public school district is each a mess, and the city's diversity and culture are rapidly plummeting as exorbitant housing costs have run middle-class families out. I also agree that there's no economic diversity either, let alone any diversity of thought. If you don't 1000% agree with the freaks or form part of the stale clique, you'll be vilified. So much for tolerance. The homeless population and amounts of those who are mentally ill really are incredible for such a tiny city that doesn't even have 1 million people! You'll see hoards of the poor, mangled things passed out or begging everywhere, even in some of the wealthier neighborhoods but definitely in and around the Tenderloin and SOMA areas near downtown. Progressive my ass. I'm embarrassed when I see the tourists' shocked faces. The city also lacks true kinesis and the raw numbers and industries that amount to the exciting multicultural pulse of a true metropolis like NY or LA. SF likes to erroneously place itself at a level that it definitely doesn't belong to, and to this day, it still tries to milk whatever 10 minutes of recognition it had back in the 60's. What I can't stand the most though is the mounds of trash and stains of human feces, vomit, and urine that I have to traverse on a daily basis with people STILL saying that this is paradise. I've lived in filthy, grimy NY, smoggy LA, and the violent South Side of Chicago and I've never seen a city in such a horrible state. The bay, hills, and Victorians no longer offset the pressing social ills that are afflicting this place like the plague. No city is perfect, but in other places, problems are put into perspective and get addressed. This city is too busy patting itself on the back for nothing. I had always heard good things about the city, but I was able to see past the hype and living here has been such a huge disappointment. I'm SO happy to be leaving the area all together in 4 months and there's no way I'd return. San Francisco desperately needs a good look in the mirror because if there's a hell on earth people, this is it.

Well, concur, I don't know. I was born in NY and live in NY and seriously it seems if we were all born with the preconceived notion that we're better than everyone. However, I see that some people on here are part of SF and its smugness. For example: the post from Zoe she mentions missing economic diversity because she's used to living to less educated people. One of those people is a jr. high teacher, usually you need a masters to teach. Yet, somehow she assumes that the teacher isn't well educated. So, to answers your question, concur, is no. No, there isn't a city that doesn't think that it's superior. Everywhere, everyone is smug and condescending in their own way, even if they don't know it.

Uhm. I think it's hilarious that you counter what you perceive as smugness and a sense of entitlement...with smugness and a sense of entitlement.

God. The only miserable people I see in town are the people like the ones posting here.

Here's an idea: if you didn't project so much negativity and a sense of despising your surroundings...people here MMMMMMIGHT warm up to you.

As it is, you all sound like a bunch of sad, sad, miserable folks with nothing better to do than bitch about something you can change. If you don't like it: leave. Don't subject those of us who love it here to your incessant whining about how bad things are.

Uhm. I think it's hilarious that you counter what you perceive as smugness and a sense of entitlement...with smugness and a sense of entitlement.

God. The only miserable people I see in town are the people like the ones posting here.

Here's an idea: if you didn't project so much negativity and a sense of despising your surroundings...people here MMMMMMIGHT warm up to you.

As it is, you all sound like a bunch of sad, sad, miserable folks with nothing better to do than bitch about something you can change. If you don't like it: leave. Don't subject those of us who love it here to your incessant whining about how bad things are.

I gotta say I'm a little puzzled here. Isn't one allowed to say things that aren't 100% true, in the interest of being, say, ironic? I actually LOVE San Francisco. But in order to truly love something, or someone, you must recognize its/their flaws. Geez. Don't be so serious here.

I'm not sure if you've ever lived anywhere else, but nearly everything that you mentioned as a con to San Francisco is ether an aspect of human beings nearly everywhere, an aspect of big cities, or a feature of our nation. In fact I live in po-dunk wyoming, and all but number 8(as we don't have a train) from your nov. 15th post are true here. If you dislike this city then why do you live there. You do realize that if you're living in the third most expensive city in the country, but one of the only one's trying to keep minimum wage at a livable level. Why don't you just save up for a bigger apartment in san francisco and spend the money on a mansion in dead end oklahoma. Maybe because you fucking love san fransisco you just feel like you need something to complain about.

to the person who said that it is the "white people" that make it suck, i beg you to rethink your statement, you nincumpoop.

I have never met so many angry, mean and so full of themselves Asians in my whole LIFE then here in SF.

WTF is their problem?! And I am no racist but when I noticed a certain group of people acting like bitches, they must be called out.

Oh and all you people in Union Square...shove it up your ass!!!

You know what I hate more than San francisco?is people who hate on San francisco..

SF is okay, but it's waay overpriced for what you get. If I'm paying European prices, I better damn well get European quality. Living in SF is like paying Gucci prices for Old Navy Clothes.

Unfortunately, I was born and raised in that hell hole and will never admit it. I went to LA at my first opportunity and live by the beach. All I have to say is GO DODGERS! and agree with all the posted comments.

For the people that say san francisco is racist.If u think its racist you have Never been to Hunters point, sunnydale, lakeview, chinatown, Fillmoe, or the mission

I have grown up here too, and I have to agree that San Francisco sucks big time. I could go on and on about this that and the other--because there's so much that sucks in SF, but here are the one's that top my list--first and foremost:
Rude, insular, simple, insipid, antisocial, unfriendly, cold, and hypocritical.
Like the people...
-The scenery
Like the weather and the people. Cold, drabby, decrepit, and depressing.

My biggest complaint...
The people in San Francisco suck, I'm sorry. They're just too rude for words. Very unfriendly. Just this one flaw is enough to overshadow any of SF's good qualities. Dating absolutely sucks here (you'd think that with a large gay population I'd be a rare commodity). People are flakey, inconsistent, distant, and very, very, very apocryphal.
In my experiences in going to other places, I have met a-holes and deviants, as they are everywhere; yet they, for the most part, are upfront, what you see is what you get kind of deal. And although I may not get along and agree with such people, at least I never experience the kind of random and meaningless spite that I encounter with the people in SF--which is why I'm leaving.
Sorry, SF's too cold for me to stay... so I gotta go!

I've visited SF many times and I have to agree with most of what you're saying here. As someone who has lived in LA for the better part of 12 years, I can tell you that LA isn't any better, besides the weather. I certainly can't say people in LA are any friendlier, and I know that anyone who complains about public transportation in SF hasn't been to LA. Here, it takes 2 hours to get anywhere on the bus, plus there is a huge stigma against not driving in LA. Yes, strangers may talk to you in LA, but generally only if they have an agenda or think that they can use you as a stepping stone to something. Overall, I don't think this is a "SF" issue as much as it's a "CA" issue. Every time I leave CA, people generally seem friendlier, helpful, happier, and more genuine. CA is not the liberal paradise is once was. It has become quite the opposite!

It's not that there isn't a lot to dislike about SF (or any other city)- that I find strange about all these San Francisco haters comments, it's that they can't seem to find anything to like.As if anywhere is perfect. There is much to like about this city: the restaurants, the views, the excellent home grown coffee culture, the wonderful parks and shoreline access, the amazing geographic diversity within a small city. Every place has things to dislike and things to love - I find that I enjoy my life more when I don't obsess about the negatives. And actually I think a lot of the comments are dead wrong.For one SF is only a bit dreary in the fog, when the sun comes out it is just magical. As for the people, I think you get the response from others that you project. With the bad attitudes like the ones expressed in these comments, I would expect these people to get a cold reception.
And finally, as for the weather and the high expenses....did none of these people do even the the slightest research before showing up in SF? It is famous for its cold summer weather and high prices.....It's like going to New York city and complaining that it has too many skyscrapers!-Duh. In other words you people are stupid. Get over it or go back to Charlotte NC....which is, by far the most unfriendly smug, not to mention, boring, city I have been to in the USA. Go home and enjoy your chain stores, chain restaurants, chain coffee shops, cheap chain drive-thrus, cheap housing, arctic winters (talk about dreary!) and boiling hot humid summers and give us all a break from your whining.

The restaurants? Are you kidding? Most places the service is horrible and forget walking in and waiting at a bar for a table. Coffee culture? Please. Excuse for elitists to converge and go on about themselves. I am an extremely friendly person. Have friends from all over the world, have traveled all over the world. Lived in 4 different cities. I had no worries when I moved here that I would meet new people, make friends. I have everywhere else I thought, so no big deal. Well, not so. San Francisco people are extremely unfriendly and cold. I have tried. Lord knows I have tried. At first I thought, maybe its the neighborhood, so I branched out. Wrong. Same everywhere else. I recently had lunch with a friend I made here (who is from the east coast of course -did not know that when we befriended each other) and I said well yeah, people here kinda suck. She said, I know, it took me 10yrs to really make true friends here. I smile at people and they look at me like Im nuts. They don't encourage their kids to play with ones kid unless they know you at the park. Oh and their kids are cold and excluding as well. How about some racial diversity here? Oh yeah, I get a little flavor if I hit some of fillmore and the mission, but whoa if they leave their respective hoods. I moved here from NYC a year ago and although I try to find the good in the bad (we like our apt but not the hood, i like the view and my daughters school --which we have to pay for because public school not an option), I just cant make this city work for me. I go out to dinners, galleries, events and still--flat line. I'ts not like Im not trying here.
Why did we move? My husband got a job offer. Lots of jobs here plucking talent from NYC (just met two other recent transplants) so we said, let's give it a try. Well, people are elitist and they think are so cool with nothing to back it up. Your cool when you are well rounded. I often speak to people and am shocked that they have never heard of certain things related to their field. Really, you have not heard of such and such and your a blank im thinking in my head?! If its not California related why bother I suppose? How about a sense of humor. Not happening in this town.
You know if SF didn't toot its horn so loud, I dont think people would complain as much. Don't go on saying your the shit and not have anything to back it up. And yes people here think SF is the be all end all. It''s people that make a city great. You could be in a shithole of a town and if people are welcoming and engaging you love the place. They make it great. This attitude has got to go. And can you keep a corner store open 'till midnight? Would that kill you (oh yeah, most likely).

I posted earlier how much I hate SF and moving back to LA... Well, I HAVE TO TAKE IT BACK NOW! SF is awesome actually and I run back from LA as fast as possible back to Bay area....
Clean air, awesome gay clubs, beautiful nature and coast, lack of ghetto population make Bay area the best place in the US, and I lived all over the country.

Actually lets keep posting how bad SF is, to prevent people from moving here and turning Bay area into LA.

fuck you guys

Any city that bars the military or gives amnesty to illegal aliens who commit crimes deserves to fall into the ocean and take its rotten mayor and city council with it

Last summer I moved from San Francisco to Boston for graduate school. I am much happier in Boston, to the point I call myself a new New Englander.

Public transit in San Francisco is a joke compared to Boston, where the T is so much more reliable than the Muni and so much quicker. Well, the Green Line has issues. True, SF has a bus Night Owl service that Boston does not, but that Night Owl service is so inconsistent that it may as well not exist.

Boston and Cambridge also have terrible reputations for driving and parking, but that's the reason I don't have a car here.

Boston also has a sense of elegance and class that San Francisco lacks. Any time of year one can sense it while walking around areas such as Back Bay, the Boston Common, and the Public Garden. Boston also has a diversity that SF lacks-the weather! Instead of 50 degrees and foggy year round, Boston has 3.5-4 seasons.

In San Francisco, I had never before seen so many stuck-up, pc know-it-alls. And the way they act if you disagree you'd think they were six year olds have a tantrum in a toy store over not getting their way. Bostonians tend to be much more upfront and down-to-earth, rather than passive-aggressive and living in outerspace. Bostonians tend to be much more tolerant and don't pout and cry if you think differently from them.

There are a lot of wonderful things about SF, such as the ocean and the diversity of neighborhoods in such a small space. Still, I am a Bostonian instead and I'm glad. If those above-mentioned whiners get offended, I could care less. I've got plenty of better things to do than worry if they need their diapers changed.

SF is the city for which the neutron bomb was invented: eradicate the smug cretins currently there, but leave the city intact for a better quality of people.
If that can't be done, better the Big One should dump the city into the Pacific.
Never have I seen a more contemptible bunch of fuckheads and shit-eating morons than the "people" of SF. Certified card-carrying assholes, the lot of them.
No scenic beauty is worth putting up with these dildos.

i HATE sf... theres nothing to do here if you're not 21. I'm 15 and I can't wait for the first chance I have to get the hell out of here. The people suck ass... I live in the sunset and pretty much the only think me and my friends can do is go to the mall for the millionth time (cause we totally have money to spend right?), or.... yeah that's it. Maybe I need to get more familiar with other scenes but honestly, it's harder than it seems. And don't get me started about the weather. I HATE THAT THE MOST!!!! It's summer and you have to layer up.. Screw this damn place. It's not even that "beautiful". The lakes in GGP smell disgusting do have fun going for a walk around stow lake.

I couldn't get myself to love San Francisco or the Bay, even after 2 years... I can't say that I exactly "hate" SF or Bay area--but I get a very cold feeling from the City and its people. The feeling of a sterile, lifeless place devoid of energy and creativity. I grew up around a 15 million megapolis, may be this is the reason I feel this way.

Yes, I noticed a lot of arrogance, hypocrisy, fakeness and smug attitude in the city. Lack of nightlife options. I think I'll be moving back to LA.

Marin County seems to be particularly nasty in the Bay area. Each time I came to visit a local national park near Golden Gate I was stopped and questioned by the cop (just cause my car has a dent in it and I don't look like a wealthy local resident). Intrusive questions had been asked by them, such as what was my occupation. This is obviously an attempt to keep less-than-wealthy people OUT of Marine County. I felt nothing but disgust of that non-diverse, claustrophobic and narrow-minded area ever since.

In general, Bay area seems to be lacking diversity. I like more down-to-earth and energized cities. I'm not going to even start talking about "hippies and yuppies", enough was said about them already... While the nature there is extremely gorgeous, the negatives just make it not worth it for a young, single person who wants to have experience the options of a truly large city/megapolis. So, I think it's time to move on...

I have to agree with one poster about the number of mean, angry Asians here who're full of themselves. It's very visible on public roads. If they hate Whites, they should shut up and move back to China. I'm definitely leaving SF because I exhausted all options to form an attachment to local area.

They ban the military,they ban plastic grocery bags they tried to ban guns and they shelter illegal aliens The whole place needs to fall into the ocean and that includes their rotten mayor

Frankly, I think all the things you mention are reasons to love the city. By the way, we have a new interim mayor who is by all accounts completely non-incendiary.

I'm considering taking down this post. It's really bringing some nutjobs out of the woodwork. Which is fine, but some of this stuff is racist, hate-mongering drivel.


When you step out your front door in SF, you are exposed to crazy, drug-addled, obnoxious and frightening behavior. Yes, all cities have this problem, but at least NY, LA, or Chi you have the chance to put some space between you and the craziness. In SF, a homeless person can camp out on your street, defecate, observe you. Street punks insult and threaten you as you pass by, crazy people follow you and you cannot escape them. It is all right up in your face and in your space, and no one does anything about it.

There is at least 1 street person for every 100 residents. You can't get anything done because in SF the homeless constitute a voting block, city supervisors actually pander to them.

No wonder the "regular" SF people suck so much. Everyone has pretty much retreated psychologically. Cold, frosty, snobbish, indifferent, insular assholes. The only city in the country where a greeting is ignored, a friendly smile returned with averted eye contact, small talk impatiently met with sarcasm. It's impossible to talk to or relate to a San Franciscan, they have all become so socially retarded - and I use that in the true sense of the word retarded - that they have lost their humanity. They communicate via technology.

They are all reduced to talking points. Say the liberal thing and spout the progressive agenda, even if it doesn't make sense. But keep progress out of my backyard and off my street, for god's sake. In the face of opposition or a differing opinion, discussion ends. Furtive glances are exchanged. The subject is changed.

It is as bad as I say. I lived there for 10 years. I was nervous about leaving, yet I underwent emotional catharsis after getting away from the social coldness and the unending financial stress. I have to return to SF for business once in a while, and it always makes me tense.

The place is pretty much screwed beyond redemption. It's a beautiful city, but the people there make it unbearable.

There are a lot of things to hate about sf. But I don't understand how it's hard to meet people here. I make so many friends on a daily bases that I can't keep up! Maybe you guys are just cold.I'm certainly having a great time.

How about the GAY PRIDE DAY or their rediculous ban on plastic grocery bags(which can be recycled)their stupid ban on military recruiters and their embracing this GO GREEN poppycock Frankly they need another 1906 type earthquake to shake them up and give them a fear of god into them

May I ask why you have a problem with Gay Pride Day? I find it difficult to understand why this should offend you, or in fact, affect you in any way. I might also observe that although the plastics manufacturers continue to insist that the bags can be recycled, most end up in landfills, or floating around in the ocean. For more fascinating information about the subject, read Plastics: A Toxic Love Story, by Susan Freinkel. (full disclosure: she's a friend and fellow-member of North 24th, my fabulous writing group)

Oh, my...five years later and NOTHING'S changed! At least not for the better. Things may be even worse. The sidewalk thing is the worst -- I've never met so many downright RUDE people in my life. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves and ashamed of their offspring.

The years I lived in San Fran were the best years of my life.

I love northern californian scenery. So much cool stuff to explore. And I think the weather when it's sunny is perfect.

My hobbies are basically hiking and motorcycle riding, and it does not get better than NorCal.

I love redwood trees.

But I also like the fog. And since it is always cool, you can suit up in protective riding gear and ride feeling safer and more comfortable.

Also I am pretty much a white, elitist, snob, so yeah I fit right in with the people.

I loved it so I made friends easy.

I plan on moving back to SF or ever better, Marin county and never leaving again.

I moved up to the Bay Area about three months ago from LA, and I am still so homesick that I am on the brink of going back. All of these comments about the city are absolutely correct. Most notably- the people in SF - they make it unbearable, despite the beauty and intrigue of the city itself.

So, yes the PEOPLE. Are they really people? There is a distinct lack of humanity here. An utter soul-lessness that shocks me daily. A total lack of warmth. God-less-ness. At the job I had (but quit because it was so unbearable), I would smile at people and they would look at me with a death stare. No hyperbole - one woman consistently looked at me like I had wronged her and she was plotting my demise. People seemed SO unhappy and pissed all the time and I have no idea why. The break room was a library and no one spoke to each other or seemed to want to eat together. It was a nightmare, and I felt like all joy and sun and life had been sucked out of the universe.

Soon I will be back in my warm, welcoming, friendly, hazy LA. Which has its issues, big time, but at least, is alive and human. SF, you have broken me.

My daughter and I are unfortunately (and temporarily) stuck here in a homeless position.

San Francisco has a lot of programs to "help" but they rape you up the ass to do it.
The Govt Workers are completely brain dead. Plus NONE of them speak proper ENGLISH!!!

I've been looking for work since we got here a year ago (I need funds to get the fuck away from here)and apparently I'm one of those 'sorry we can't hire you because you're unemployed' types.

San Francisco can rot.

But that's not the only reason I hate SF.

1) It Smells. At least where we are stuck. We were 'fortunate' to be able to get a place that wasn't stuck in the Loin. Just North. Like just across the street.

You walk out the door and if the clouds of pot that smells like someone is smoking a skunk's ass doesn't get you, then the overwhelming clouds of old piss will.

2)Drug Dealers
OK, so in my BUILDING the hustler that lives a couple of doors down from us is in the hall making a vicoden deal with a guy in a wheelchair.
You walk anywhere and lurking guys mumble things like "methadone", "meth", "crack"...yeah...
OH OH!!! and all of the "medicinal" pot places? Try one per block. AND in every bathroom there's a needle disposal. Or needle exchanges (usually next to the medicinal pot places)
What is WRONG with this picture?
Not to mention all the wonderful posted signs saying don't deal, use or buy drugs in front of this particular establishment.

3) The noise. OK I'm used to street noise. But daily and NIGHTLY Bitch SCREAMING FIGHTS is just not on. Every DAY this goes on. We're on the 4th floor and it wakes us UP!

I think that our street is the only designated street for emergency vehicles to drive on. Day and night. Same thing as the fights. Only more frequent.
The creepy part is the EV's stopping in front of your Hotel. Like 14 cop cars with riot guns coming into your lobby. Or when the back of the Hotel was on fire because of some dumb assed idiot throwing a burning something onto the roof of the restaurant next door?

There were so many places we wanted or needed to go, like the art project or the resource center.
But to do that you had to walk through crowds of people lingering and offering you drugs, stepping over sleeping bums smelling like piss and Godknows, being hit up for money (uh, not unless you take food stamps), navigating around blobs of all kinds of waste of unknown origin, blood spatters, body fluids, creepy strange people following you around and wanting to shake your hand (sounds like a benign thing unless you were there and SAW these people)

I grew up in So. California. San Fran wasn't unusual to me. We came here often. But that was 40 years ago.

It feels so ... blea.
Flat. Flat and nasty.

SF has a bridge. Big whoopdefriggindo.

"I lost my heart in San Francisco" annnnnd some bum probably has it in his shopping cart.

I work in Customer service and cannot rely on the higher wages that California workers receive. However putting up with the My shit dont smell attitude that comes from bay area people is enough to ask my comrades at the call center to organize..... Can you hear me now SF......Good

San Francisco is a fag city. Only a matter of time before the Almighty strikes down that abomination of a city into the sea

Sadly, still true in 2016 (if not more so)! People here are really full of themselves. Get out and see the world! You'll find the center of the universe is *not* SF. There are so many places to visit where people are cooler, nicer, more socially conscious - more conscious of other people !

Speaking of paranoid behavior, there is a growing trend in the last 4 years that should scare everyone: harrassment by cellphone users. Perfect strangers with glarry eyed, full of anxiety, would go in public and fix their posture at targets, hands/arms raised and take photos and movies with their tablet phones at Bus Drivers, Policemen, public workers, Coffee workers, and mostly, other people walking by in passing in public (I'm not a public servant and I get 4-5 of these fuckers on a daily basis). Sometimes these come from those wearing shaded glasses (which has been a growing trend in the last 4-5yrs), from morning to night. At first I thought maybe since this was coming from minorities alot that ICE may have hit the city hard but white paranoid freaks are just as common today, native and non-native alike (alot of them sound like they have a Boston accent). I don't wear shades or have a tablet phone.

I have to respectfully disagree with 2 of the comments here. I'm Asian American and I don't know what angry bitchiness being referred: I have lived here for 25+ yrs, traveled all over the city by public transportation on a daily basis (downtown, richmond, sunset, excelsior, diamond heights, civic center, all long mission, Japan- and China- town, etc.) and from what I can see the level of public disgruntled behavior, for whatever reason, is similar if not less than other minorities. It is because we (at least for the Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vetnamese) were raised to keep the drama at home, and have some modesty, common courtesy, and respect for others in public) but I can't speak for today's (very different) youth generation (who behave in extremes, mostly awkwardness and isolation) and don't seem out of touch with the whole of San Francisco's next generation.

The paranoia seems to die down alot when BART stops functioning in Oakland or Richmond; must be the lead in the tap water. Anyhow, we need a ban on 'targeted individuals', aka people suffering from paranoid personality disorder, from entering the city. I like how the city use to be right up to 2006 (when one can walk alone safely without harassment)

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